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Hi, My name is Gary Dibenedetto, I have been working in the music industry in Nashville, Tn since 1980. I have recorded and performed with many successful artist, well known producers, and major publishing companies in LA, NY, and Nashville. I have recently opened a recording studio(Studio D) in Moultrie,Georgia, where I currently live, but continue to record with many clients in Tennessee, Florida and New York. I work with a variety of artist and songwriters and record gospel, contemporary christian, country, bluegrass, rock, r&b, hip hop and rap. If you are looking for a professional studio to record your music or production assistance, my staff of Nashville session musicians are class A players that have played on hit records. I have over 30 years of experience in the recording industry and continue to educate myself with the latest technology. Studio D is not just a recording studio, we have in house producers and songwriters, & we do artist development. I look forward working with you in the future. Visit my Myspace at  www.myspace.com/garydibenedetto

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