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Clients discussing their experience with Studio D.

January 31 at 9:19 AM · 

Gary DiBenedetto is one of the best in the business!!! And such an awesome and big hearted person!!! I hope to someday soon have my chance to make an album with him! South GA musicians, ya’ll should really check him out!!!

Lee Patrick to Gary DiBenedetto

January 31 at 11:57 AM · 

Yes sir.....we agree with Mike Little.  Gary DiBenedetto and Studio D are the best around.  He takes all our crazy and makes it come out musical.  We have recorded two albums with him and about to start the third.  He is tough and kind at the same time.  We developed a friendship from the very first session.  Gary, we are looking forward to our next project.  See you soon.

Georgia Stratman Add me to the list of supporters for Gary DiBenedetto and Studio D! I wouldn't trust another soul with my music. I may not be all over iTunes and YouTube, but he treats my music with the same respect as those who are. He listens, he advises, and he contributes to making the best recording possible. Just like Lee Patrick, I'll be back soon with another couple of songs.

Scott Little Gary DiBenedetto is a pretty stellar guy. You guys are so fortunate to have him in your community.

January 30 at 1:06 PM · 

Check Gary DiBenedetto and Studio D out. Impressive equipment and talented Producer, even better guy!

January 24 at 8:49 AM · 

5 years of having a truly inspirational friend. My only regret is not getting to know you sooner. God bless you Brother Gary

Huge thanks to Gary DiBenedetto Studio D(Gary DiBenedetto) for helping make this song a reality, and a huge thanks to my co-writer on this song Nick Culpepper

January 5 at 1:58 PM · 

Back in Studio D starting work on my up coming cd , Gary’s gonna make the magic happen again.


February 15 at 3:52 PM · 

It was a great moment to hear my daughter sing from her heart today. Gary DiBenedetto, you are AMAZING at what you do!!  I was literally in awe of how you helped Dana tweak the words to come up with something we will always remember. This song is going places!  Thank you so much Gary for everything. Looking forward to more.